Streamlining Rental

It's no secret they're not making any more land in Vancouver (unlike in Dubai), and that the region's municipalities are in a constant state of review as to how to increase sustainable density while also keeping a water/river/mountain-locked metropolis moving. In this section of our newsletter we're going to be looking at everything from policy changes to design elements and how they might affect the value of homes and properties. 

The latest effort? The City of North Van voted (correctly, I think) to up-zone about 5.5 square blocks from single-family to duplex zoning, allowing 88 properties to go from a house with a suite and maybe a coach house to definitely duplexes with suites, thereby enabling the creation of up to 352 homes walking distance from the Lonsdale corridor. CLICK HERE to see if your house is in the mix.

The City of Vancouver is also a week away from voting on a sweeping new rental plan which will transform many of the city's thoroughfares. More on that here... what do you think of this plan? Hit reply and give me your thoughts!